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Connecting Instagram and Facebook to Curalate Linx

Step 1 - Ensure your Instagram Account is connected to your Facebook Account.

You can reach this by clicking the menu icon and navigating to Settings > Account > Linked Accounts > Facebook

Step 2 - Make sure your Brand’s Instagram account is a Professional or Creator profile

You can reach this by clicking the menu icon and navigating to: Settings > Account > Switch to Professional Account OR Switch to Creator Account.

If you see "Switch to Personal Account" as an option, you are already set as a Professional or Creator account and can move on to the next step.

Q&A: Connecting to Curalate Linx if you don’t have a Facebook Page.

For Curalate Linx to access your Instagram content, you will need a Facebook account with a Facebook Page and an Instagram account connected. A Facebook Page is not the same thing as your account - it’s a page you’ve set up for your Business or yourself as a public figure. You’ll need to ensure your Facebook account has admin permissions on the page, as seen in step 1.

Step 3 - Make sure your IG account is linked to a Facebook page.

You can do this by clicking the menu icon and navigating to Settings > Creator/Business > Connect a Facebook Page. From here, you can quickly create a page, or connect your existing page if it exists already.  

FB Help: What is a Facebook page?

Step 4 - Open the Curalate Linx app and log in! You'll log into Facebook and then select a linked page and Instagram Account.

If you have multiple Facebook accounts, be sure to log out of them in Safari or Chrome and clear your cache before logging into the Linx app to ensure you sign into the right one.

Q&A: If you see a page saying “No Instagram Account Connected".

If we can’t find a connected Instagram page, you should ensure that your Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram account. You can follow Facebook’s instructions here for more information. Also, please make sure your Instagram account is a business or creator profile, as seen in step 2.

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