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Curalate Linx Help and FAQ

Curalate Linx Overview

Our mobile app was built to create a Linx gallery, which allows you to select content from your Instagram Feed, tag that content with links to products and pages, and hosts it all from a convenient link in your Instagram Bio.

Getting Started

The Curalate Linx app requires that you are an Admin of a Facebook Page that is connected to a Professional or Creator Instagram account. You log in with your Facebook account and select the Facebook Page that is connected to your Instagram account in order to connect the Linx app to your Instagram.

First, you’ll need to follow these instructions to properly connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page. Once you've done that, come back to the Curalate Linx app, log in with your Facebook account, and select the Facebook page that is linked to your Instagram account.

Posts & Tagging

If you open the left navigation bar , “Posts” should be the first section of the app. When you select “Posts,” you’ll see a feed of the images you’ve posted to Instagram, from newest to oldest.  From here, you can Add Links, toggle Featured Status, or View Links.

After clicking “Add Links” you can tap anywhere on a photo to add a link to that spot. Just paste the URL you’d like to link to, and Curalate will try to automatically grab the Title and Preview Image from the website you’ve linked to. Not happy with what we’ve pulled? You can always go back and edit info manually by clicking the “...” to the right of the link. 

You can also toggle Feature in Linx - if a product is Featured in Linx, it will show up in your Linx gallery! If you turn this option off, it will be hidden from the gallery.

You can also toggle Pin to Top - if a photo is Pinned to Top, it will show up first in your Linx store. Photos are otherwise sorted by recency. 

Q&A: If I see “Link not found".

If we can’t determine that a link is valid, you’ll see this error. Try linking to another location, or checking that your link works.

Q&A: If my recent posts aren’t showing.

If you don’t see recent posts, try pulling down on the top image - this refreshes the feed. Sometimes images can take a few minutes to be ingested.

My Linx

Here, you can preview your gallery. Most notably, you can see which images are featured in which order. In the top of the screen, you can see your Linx Gallery URL. Clicking “Add to Bio” will copy the link to your clipboard, and open up your Instagram bio page. This link will work anywhere, so feel free to paste it in other places, too! 


Here, you can determine a few options for your Linx Gallery.

Gallery Header will be the title displayed at the top of your Gallery. 

Links Header lets you set the clickable text that houses your links. Some common examples include “Shop our Fall Looks” or “Click here to see more!”

You can also toggle whether you’d like to see gallery images cropped to a square shape here (recommended).

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